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Name:Gibbs/DiNozzo - An NCIS Ship Community
Website:NCIS Official Website
Posting Access:All Members

Welcome to the Gibbs/DiNozzo community!

This is an adult comm, so if you are considered underage in the country you live in, please leave now! By becoming a member or watching this comm, you agree that you are of legal age in your country.

This community is for all Gibbs/DiNozzo shippers.

What is allowed to be posted here:
* Any kind of fanart (fanfic, manips, drawings, icons, vids, etc) that relates to the Gibbs/DiNozzo pairing.
* Likewise, any discussions, articles, photos or spoilers regarding the Gibbs/DiNozzo pairing, Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly or NCIS in general is very welcome here.

What is not allowed to be posted here:
* Gen fic featuring Gibbs and DiNozzo. While they are also wonderful as father-son, mentor-student or best friends, this is the place to actually ship them.
* Mpreg fic with one or both of the guys being pregnant. Please visit ncis_mpreg to post your mpreg stories there.
* Genderbender fic featuring one or both of the guys as female. If they both end up male after genderbending, so that there is an actual slash relationship, the fic might be allowed. Please contact one of the mods privately to discuss this matter before posting such a story, just to be on the safe side.
*Unauthorized sequels, prequels, missing scenes, original characters that belong to other authors without their permission

Here are some posting guidelines that will hopefully explain what constitutes as "Gibbs/DiNozzo slash" in this community:
* Any fanart in which the guys were, currently are or will be ("pre-slash") in a relationship.
* "Relationship" includes, but is not limited to, anything from a one-night stand to marriage or anything in between.
* Any rating is allowed, which means that the fanart does not have to include graphic sexual content. If all they do is snuggle on the couch on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but it's obvious that they are a couple (as opposed to just friends), the fanart is very welcome here!
* "Typical" genres that might be triggery in nature (e.g. BDSM, general kink, dub-con, non-con, death!fic, etc) are all allowed and welcome here, as long as there are clear warnings in the header!
* Other pairings (threesomes, moresomes) are allowed as long as the Gibbs/DiNozzo pairing is also featured in the fanart.
A McGee/Abby fic that also features Gibbs/DiNozzo is allowed.
A DiNozzo/McGee fic that also features Gibbs/DiNozzo is allowed.
A Gibbs/DiNozzo/McGee fic is not allowed unless there is also a Gibbs/DiNozzo (without McGee) focus in it.
A Gibbs/Abby and DiNozzo/Ziva fic is not allowed, since the guys are in it but not as a couple.

Please heed the following comm rules:
* No flaming of real people (actors, actresses, writers, other members of the comm)! If you flame, you will be banned.
* Always use spoiler warnings for at least the current season! Please keep in mind that not everyone gets to watch the new episodes when they air in the US or Canada.
* Always use an LJ cut!
* All spoilers (no exception!) as well as all fanart (except the header) should be put behind an LJ cut.
* Always tag your posts!
* OT posts will be deleted without warning. Basically, if you're not sure whether your post is allowed or not, contact one of the mods (preferably gibbsgirlabby or sinfulslasher) beforehand. Rule of thumb: any post that potentially starts with "I'm not sure if this is allowed..." is very probably not allowed because it's OT.

When posting a story, please use the following header:
Spoilers: (if any)
Warnings: (if any)
Author's Notes: (if any)

Feel free to visit out sister community, tonydinozzo.

We also suggest subscribing to the daily ncis_newsletter which gives you all the latest NCIS goodness in fic, art, discussions or spoilers!

Other NCIS communities of interest (also in regard to posting your fanart) are:
ncisficfind (if you're looking for a specific story or just recs)
ncis_bunnies (if you want to share your plotbunnies)

Your mods leggyslove, gibbsgirlabby and sinfulslasher

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